Protecting the world the people and nature・・・                 That’s the kind of painting we do.

Towards a membrane coating・・・

We believe that we can’t just be a coating maker, we must evolve into a membrane coating maker. Our mission is to use our wide ranging skills, to the best of our ability, to produce superlative coating membranes.
We aim to make a reality, a variety of coating texture variations and coating colorings that will provide the utmost satisfaction.

「The New Generation of Craftsmen」Shimashin Seiko’s Present and Future

Designing power to deliver the desired artistic expression and to make a suggestion a reality!
No other company even comes close to Shimashin Seiko’s precision coatings.

Thanks to our continuing developments in micronic coating techniques centering around metallic and plastic products, mobile phone precision coatings, the coating of moulded plastic parts, specialized printing (silk printing, tampo printing) and so on, our high gloss colors and subtle nuance textures, have enabled us to grow favorably since our young company was established 10 years ago, with sales the last 3 years of 8 hundred million, 10 hundred million and 15 hundred million yen respectively.

The high quality coatings that we provide have given full satisfaction to a wide array of clients, from an internationally renowned art director, to uncompromising designers and manufacturers, whose orders are all made exactly to specification. Recently, following our suggestion, a major mobile phone manufacturer has adopted, for its new model, a 「Gradation Coating」technique. Our company was the first, using a super fine 「coating」, to accomplish this effect which was previously only achievable through the use of films or prints.

When it comes to multi-layer coating technology and so on, for not only mobile phones but also computers and other domestics appliances, our company is always the forerunner in the coating industry.

High level teaching technology that has made the impossible possible

Teaching technology that will, no matter where in the world you take it, reproduce perfectly, the desired robotic movements to produce the necessary coating.・・・This is the 「Teaching Technology」that we here at Shimashin Seiko have achieved. Teaching technology is the programming that teaches the coating process to a coating robot. Therefore, if the teaching technology is of a low standard, it is impossible to realize the true potential that the coating robot possesses.

When this company began in 1996 with a total of 5 staff, being one of the last companies to start in this industry, we realized there were only two paths to take, either 「low-priced work」or 「exceptionally high quality and difficult work」. Here at Shimashin Seiko we chose the latter.

We started as amateurs, with no knowledge what so ever, but, by starting from zero and absorbing all the information with regards to coating machine making as well as a wealth of information from paint makers, we were able to deepen our understanding of the subjects and what followed was the knowledge and ability to create the newest most effective teaching technology that cannot be captured with only common knowledge. Through the power of our technology, with Shimashin Seiko’s vast wealth of 「intellectual property」and with the support of each and every one of our staff, we are a driving force that can make the impossible possible.

From here on we look internationally・・・

At the moment, design demands for metallic and plastic products revolve around the coating and day by day the expectations of quality are rising. Consumers demand higher and higher quality designs for their products and are uncompromising towards incompetent designers. With this in mind, our company prides itself on having the advancing technological power to be able to aggressively propose new designs and to have the ability to remain one step ahead of the 「coating」demands of designers. With the use of our current technology, which is a product of our unfailing pursuit for excellence, and a with a mix of 「designing power」 and 「business power」, here at Shimashin Seiko we plan to open the doors to the world. From any location on the globe, if you send us the data for your teaching technology requirements, we can provide the tools to enable the mass production of high quality products・・・It isn’t far to the day when our business expansion reaches overseas full scale.

In preparation for this we have prepared a mass production trial manufacturing booth, as well, to become a company that will be accepted worldwide when it comes to environmental considerations, our complete line is water based coating compatible and we have realized the first automated water based coating production line in Japan, for molded plastic products.

Here in Azumino, we aim to provide beautiful coatings, for mobile phones, computers, flat screen televisions and so on, that will be visually enchanting to discerning consumers all over the world・・・ From this day forth, Shimashin Seiko will unfailingly strive to continue the excellence it has become renowned for.