DATA-PRO is a compact data operated robot that was designed with aims to reduce the waste of coating materials, create an effective coating process, to accommodate the shift into digital coating systems and to increase the overall efficiency of the coating process.


To increase coating efficiency To decrease waste of coating materials To pursue better coating techniques
To research different coating methods To create color samples To check membrane thickness
To perform trial manufacturing and testing To perform demonstrations for makers  


A reduction in coating costs A reduction in the amount of coating material used Use in mass production lines

※Our company is equipped with a trial production room for the purpose of maker demonstrations. Please feel free to consult us for a trial production

A product of Takubo Engineering Co., Ltd

UV Coating System

Up until now drying times in a drying hearth (gas or electric) were generally from 15~30 minutes. UV drying however completes drying in 0.2~10 seconds.
This huge reduction in energy use has created a large decrease in the environmental load.

Compatibility Dimensions

Ring Form Maximum 400φ
Product height Maximum 200mm

Coatings are possible up to the above dimensions

Takubo Engineering Co., Ltd.


The Soft Boy Pro Super spindle NT is a rotating style, 4 table, double turn type coating machine that enables 2 tables to operate at the same time.
We installed this piece of equipment, with ISO14001 in mind, because of its low energy cost and its great reduction in coating material use.
It uses a gear pump that sprays the coating evenly and uniformly.

Compatibility Dimensions

D Line (upper right hand picture)
Level CoatingWidth 500×length 500×Thickness 150mm
Revolving CoatingWidth 100×Length 150×Thickness 50mm
E Line (lower right hand picture)
Level CoatingWidth 400×Length 400×Thickness 150mm
Revolving CoatingWidth 100×Length 150×Thickness 50mm

Coatings are possible up to the above dimensions.

This machine uses two R99T-LV automatic spray guns.
The drying hearth is a DRY TEC gas hearth with a maximum temperature of 300 degrees celsius.
Our cleanroom is a class 5000 (0.5m).

Takubo Engineering Co., Ltd.

  • D Line
  • E Line

Takubo Oil Booth

Is used for trial manufacturing and full mass production.

Is clean room equipped.

Takubo Engineering Co., Ltd.

Other Equipment

  • We have 5 Tampo printing

  • We have 2 silk printing
    Compatible for flat or
    contoured surfaces.

  • We have 8 air blown
    dust removal booths.
    (Air Jetter)