Corporate policy 2008

  • To unbiasedly reform and improve our company
  • To perform in accordance with improvement propositions created from the continual gathering of advancing knowledge.
  • To attempt to increase production rates while at the same time decreasing defective rates and man hours.

March 3rd 2008
Shimashin-Seiko Co., Ltd.
Company President Mochizuki Kou

Quality Control Objectives

Coating Departmant
To thoroughly control our environment and eliminate the causes of defects.
Printing Department
To concentrate on increasing efficiency.
Quality Assurance Department
To maintain a zero complaint level with regards to quality control.
To prevent the reoccurrence of poor quality through effective analysis.
Production Control Department
To establish thorough management
principles with regards to input and output standards.
General Affairs Departmant
To reduce running costs and efficiently control the cost price.

ISO Certification Aquirement

In 2005 Shimashin-Seiko received ISO certification.