Welcome to the Shimashin Seiko Co., Ltd. homepage.
Shimashin Seiko Co., Ltd., which is located in Azumino city in Nagano, Japan, is a company that is involved in the precision coating of product parts. Our company specializes in the precision coating of metal products, plastic products, mobile phones and many other similar products. When it comes to unique teaching techniques, our company has precision coating techniques that enable us to apply coating designs and effects, such as gradation coating, thin film deposition plate coating, multi-layer coating and many more that have, until now, been complicated to replicate. Furthermore, taking into consideration environmental concerns, without delay we have initiated the use of water based coatings and all of our automated lines are water base coating compatible.
In the future, here at Shimashin Seiko, we will strive to bring to consumers worldwide, beautiful product coatings for mobile phones, computers and flat screen televisions, which we are sure all will appreciate.